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              Virtue is the foundation of doing anything; self-cultivation starts with the cultivation of virtue. With unyielding virtue, Delixi has gone through an extraordinary journey over the last 30 years.
              As I look back on my poor childhood, scenes of the past leap before my eyes. My original intention of setting up the factory was to make a living and I didn’t foresee that it would turn out to be a great achievement. Delixi’s success is not because of my personal ability, but because of the fact that Delixi was born at the time of reform. The right time, the right place and the right people have made Delixi successful.
              There is a poem that runs: The clouds disperse and the sun appears, a breeze rustles through fields of fragrant grass, willows are green and flowers red because of virtuous people.
            A drop of water shall be returned with a burst of spring. We thank all the people who love, help and support Delixi. For this reason, "to pay back mankind with virtue for a better future" has become our mission.
              Looking at the Group’s development history, we see so many stories of Delixi people acting virtuously: For credibility, we had set up a testing laboratory at very early stage to ensure quality; For quality, we tried our best to contribute to China's aerospace industry for the launch of “Shenzhou", "Chang'e" and "Beidou" ; For cooperation, we have built up win-win alliances with the world’s leading companies; For innovation, we have upgrade our product and technology to a new level; For harmony, we have used people-oriented management system to recruit and retain the talent; For accountability, we have taken our social responsibility actively......
              “A man should be independent at age of thirty”. Delixi are getting matured and now is standing at a new starting point. For our mission and vision, we still have a long way to go.
              We are sailing again with our new dreams. We will practice our values of "excellence, efficiency, cooperation and responsibility" and build up an internationally renowned enterprise group with leading core business and comprehensive competitive edge. We will continuously make efforts to serve the country by building a more strong company!
              Delixi takes virtue as its soul. By acting virtuously, Delixi will definitely go farther and farther!

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