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            A, “DELIXI” originates from its enterprise mission, namely “To pay back mankind with virtue for a better future”; it has the implied meaning of continuously seeking solutions to realize multi-party sharing and win-win situation,creating the environment of one heart and one mind, improving people’s life quality and making human life more wonderful because of us.  

            B, With simple, masculine overall appearance, the logo adopts the combination of two main colors, red and black, full of power and beauty and modern feeling as well; it has compact shape and smooth handwriting, embodying DELIXI’s enterprise spirit of solidarity, harmony and development. 

            C, DELIXI is homonymic to French word DELUXE, with Chinese meaning of high quality, denoting DELIXI’s continuous pursuit for excellence.  

            D,“To pay back mankind with virtue for a better future” can internally motivate all DELIXI members to “consolidate foundation and strengthen internal management”, and externally showcase the enterprise image of “being trustworthy and forging ahead”.  

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