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            Vice-Director of Justice, Law Cente  全職 2019-08-06
            Sales engineer(Complete Electric Set)  全職 2019-07-10
            Spanish Regional Salesman  全職 2019-07-10
            Spanish Foreign Trade Clerk  全職 2019-07-10
            Service Engineer(Transducer)  全職 2019-07-10
            Sales Engineers(Transducer)  全職 2019-07-10
            Software Engineer  全職 2019-07-10
            Mechanical Engineer  全職 2019-07-10
            Hardware Engineer  全職 2019-07-10
            Financial Manager  全職 2019-07-10
            Manager of Administration and HR  全職 2019-06-14
            Investment Manager   全職 2019-06-14
            Internal Control Manager  全職 2019-06-14
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