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            Dechang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is a specialized company engaged in investing in environmental protection, which was co-founded by Delixi Group Co., Ltd. and Changjiang Electric Group Co., Ltd. under the guidance of the scientific outlook on development of improving the ecological environment and developing a circular economy.

            Dechang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. has entered into a strategic alliance with the State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization, Zhejiang University and is "Zhejiang University Postgraduate Education Practice Base". It uses the world's most advanced incineration technology for garbage disposal and the fluidized bed combustion technology of Zhejiang University to ensure dioxin emissions comply with EU emission standards.

            The incineration of household garbage for power generation project in Pinghu, the waste incineration for power generation project in Liushi Town, Yueqing City and the hazardous waste disposal center in Taizhou City all built by Dechang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. have been put into use.

            Pinghu municipal solid waste incineration power generation project Taizhou municipal hazardous waste disposal center Liushi Yueqing garbage incineration power generation project
            Pinghu Household Waste Incineration Power Generation Project

              Pinghu city life garbage incineration power generation project is located in Pinghu City, Dushan Port area is the key construction projects in Zhejiang Province, is listed as the Ministry of construction's "environmental health demonstration project", with a total area of 100 acres, the project construction scale for the daily processing 800 tons of garbage, projects with a total investment of about 2.8 billion yuan, annual generating capacity is 120 million degrees.

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