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            Delixi Xinjiang Transportation Group Co., Ltd.

            In 2001, in response to the country's call, Delixi Group actively joined China Western Development, as a prelude to its strategy for investing in West China. Delixi Xinjiang Transportation Group Co., Ltd. is the largest passenger transportation company in Xinjiang, which was co-founded by Delixi and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Hami State-owned Asset Investment Management Co., Ltd. through industrial capital and officially started operation on May 28, 2003. Its Urumqi Long-Distance Coach Station is a national level-1 coach station. The group consists of five branches primarily engaged in passenger transportation and three controlled subsidiaries. Urumqi International Automobile Transportation Station is a passenger and freight transportation station engaged in international transport; Urumqi Nianzigou International Category-2 Port is an important passage and window whereby Urumqi and even the autonomous region open up to the outside world. The station has been awarded the honorary title of "Quality Service Demonstration Station in the Passenger Transportation Industry in the National Transportation System" by the local passenger transportation collaboration working committee of China Communications and Transportation Association.

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